What We Do


What makes Bridge2Excellence different? Not only do we provide hands-on individualized school advocacy services for low income kids and their parents. But we take that a step further by helping parents transfer to a public school that’s a better fit for their child – if that’s what they need and want.

We Bring Services to Each Kid

We help get them effective interventions such as, specialized reading instruction, physical therapy, more individualized attention and counseling for them and their parents.  Watch this video to find out more about learning disabilities and how they impact school success.

School Transfer

Often when kids are struggling in an inner city school, there’s a better-run public school not too far away. That’s especially true in places like Florida where we have lots of school transfer options – sometimes called school choice.

A fresh start can make all the difference for a kid that’s developed a pattern of behavior, for instance, like Imani.  Or for a kid whose gotten in with the wrong crowd.  Maybe another school has better program for kids with their unique learning style or the special education services which meet their needs.

Find out who we are and how we get all that done.